Apple Sells 10 Million iPhones in 2008

9 10 2008

Seeking Alpha has it, after compiling iPhone IMEI numbers into a public spreadsheet, that Apple just may have already sold their 10 millionth iPhone this year.

According to the spreadsheet, Apple has already manufactured 9.2 million iPhone 3G’s. When taking that into consideration, as well as the know-about’s of Apple selling 2.4 million first-generation iPhone’s earlier this year, that in fact brings Apple to not only more than 10 million, but more than 11 million if Apple manages to get all 9.2 million of the already-manufactured iPhone 3G’s sold by the end of this year, which I think shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Do keep in mind that, as Seeking Alpha explains, these figures depend on a veriety of factors including the amount of inventory Apple carries in its retail chain, defects that were destroyed, defects that were sold and then exchanged, display models, etc.

To sell 10 million iPhone’s in 2008 has been Apple’s goal since the initial announcement of the iPhone back to the beginning of 2007




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