Greener Than Green Sound System

9 10 2008

A new and environmentally friendly sound system is available for the iPod. This time it is greener than ever. Vers has come out with a sustainably designed wood sound system. Bamboo is it’s most recent addition. Lets have some facts about Bamboo. It grows extremely fast, can be finished by hand as well as harvested by it and looks stunning. One more thing, bamboo is a kind of grass!

David Laituri says that the most sustainable and renewable wood material on the planet is Bamboo. It sounds very natural in combination with 3/8 inch thick cabinet walls. The response to Bamboo has been great and has left the company happy. Although Natural Cherry, Dark Walnut and Natural Walnut were popular as well, customers have been seeking Bamboo out very actively.

This is the latest push in the company’s effort towards energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainable design. Vers 2X is designed to be sustainable and the wood is selected from managed plantation sources. Packaging materials are 100% consumer recycled. Four hand crafted finishes are available for Vers 2X. It is available in thirteen countries around the world. The MSRP is $179 USD. More details can be found at




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