iPhone/iPod Troubleshooting

9 10 2008

One major issue many users have faced with the 2.0.x version of the software in the iPhone is sometime the phone does not go beyond the Apple logo while booting. If you have applied an update to the application via iTunes or on the iPhone, the phone may spontaneously reboot and get stuck during the process. Hundreds of people have had this issue. If you are hit by this glitch all you can do is an iPhone full restore. Hold the Home button down. Plug it into the USB cable or dock and and when the special screen is displayed then release the Home button.

iTunes will then inform you that it has found a phone in recovery mode and then the process of restoring your iPhone begins. The first step will be a reinstall of the OS by iTunes. Then the applications will be restored and then the data can be synced back to the iPhone. This annoying bug has been a part of the 2.0 version of the software and has found a place in the 2.0.1 update as well….sigh.

There are a number of other glitches with the iPhones software. If one experiences a problem and does not know much about the iPhone then this is the process I would suggest to them. First try restarting the iPhone. If only one third party app is the problem, reinstall the application. If nothing else works you need to restore the iPhone!




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