iPod Touch Problems

9 10 2008

Today, the iPod Touch is one of the most popular personal multimedia devices available. Newly released by Apple, the iPod Touch will let you listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite videos, view photos, and it can even let you go online. In fact, the iPod Touch will add more entertainment to your web browsing as it can fully support YouTube.

However, although this device may seem to be the perfect personal multimedia device, there are flaws that people complain about. Since its release on September 2007, many people have experienced problems with the iPod Touch. So, before you buy this latest gadget from Apple, you might want to know about the known problems with iPod Touch in order for you to decide on whether or not you will want to buy this device.

The first problem is the iPod Touch LCD screen quality. It has been noted that the iPod Touch have bad contrast ratio as it loses detail and have negative black sections on the screen.

There are also quite a lot of features that were excluded from the iPod Touch. It didn’t include link sharing, calendar, Bluetooth, maps, volume buttons, camera, real time weather updates and a lot more. For most people this can be very inconvenient.

There are still quite a lot of software bugs that the iPod Touch suffers. However, you need to consider that it is relatively new in the market. Apple claims that they will work on these problems and will provide the consumers with a better iPod Touch.

Although there are still problems with the iPod Touch, you will see that this device will still be able to provide you with great entertainment




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