iPod Wins Olypmic Gold

9 10 2008

Ok, the heading was just a teaser, but it is true that many athletes are using the iPod as a part of their routine. Simon Whitfield, the Olympic triathlete listens to music on his iPod at 5 am. When at the course, it is Jason Mraz’ music for him. It is his way of chilling out. Whitfield incidentally won a silver in the triathlon. His iPod is an important part of his pre race routine, just like many other artists.

Workman is a favorite artist of Whitman. Sports psychologist for the Canadian canoe/kayak team, Penny Werthner says music serves two purposes for athletes. It helps athletes avoid distractions as well as psyches them up for the competition.

Michael Phelps, the “winningest” Olympian ever often wore white iPod earbuds before his races. He never overtly revealed the music he listened to, but whatever it was he is now the winner of more gold medals than any other Olympian. Phelps did reveal that he listened to “I’m Me” by rapper Lil Wayne most often just before his races.

Like Phelps, Cockburn, Trampoline silver medalist also loves hip hop and uses the songs to motivate her.Other successful Olympians listen to varied music but one common thread is the listening of music on their iPod before winning Olympic glory.




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