iTunes Blue Screen Of Death

9 10 2008

The latest version of iTunes form Apple has a bug as large as a whale. The latest version of iTunes crashes Windows vista. It does this on connection of the iPod or iPhone to the PC. This has been reported by numerous users on Apple’s support forum.

When the iPod or iPhone is plugged into the PC, instantaneously Vista crashes displaying what is known as the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. This is a screen with a blue background showing critical error and requires a reboot. As soon as iTunes was updated to Version 8.0 the errors began. This was released by Apple on Tuesday as part of iPod refresh.

One user said that this has happened to him thrice since he installed iTunes 8. Even when plugged in on boot a blue screen appears. This thread has been viewed 10,000 times with 300 messages and had its own theories about the causes. An Apple provided USB driver is being blamed. Either it is broken or is causing issues with a common Vista driver says one user.

Some users said that unplugging peripherals resulted in avoiding the BSOD. With no HP drivers, no HP printer, no Logitech drivers or peripherals there was no problem one user reported. One (supposedly) Apple employee asked users to report findings to him. Users vented ire on this Apple support forum as Apple and HP officials were not available for comment.




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