Sparkling iPod Investigated

9 10 2008

Recently an Apple iPod shot out sparks and this is being investigated in Japan by government officials. One official from the trade and economy ministry of Japan told AP that this sparking that happened in Kanagawa Prefecture in January was thought to be due to a defect in the lithium-ion battery of the iPod Nano.

The model number of the defective iPod was MA099J/A according to Associated Press. Between September 2005 and September 2006 about 425000 iPods with this number were imported into Japan. This is not the first time problems have cropped up in the Nano. In Douglasville, Ga, last October a Nano reportedly caught fire in a mans pocket.

Lithium ion batteries have caused a number of problems in the past. Notebooks have shot sparks and occasionally caught fire. This is why it is now not allowed for airline passengers to pack loose lithium ion batteries into checked luggage.

They now need to take these batteries with them in carry on baggage in plastic bags. This does not apply to batteries already in laptops, mobile phones and cameras. Lithium ion batteries made by Sony were recalled in 2006 by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. This was due to reports of overheating of batteries.

This problem of defective batteries has also haunted Finnish phone maker Nokia which recalled about 300 mn Matshushita batteries between Dec 2005 and Nov 2006. Sanyo recalled 1.3 mn mobile handset batteries last December citing safety reasons.




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