Update of Firmware 2.2

9 10 2008

Well it seems as if Apple is taking our requests into consideration. According to MacRumors, the next firmware update for iPhone/iPod touch will feature the ability to disable auto-correction, which has been requested by many for a while now. It is also being said that the firmware update will feature Google Street View, and Emjoi; a popular feature for Japanese phones.

This information was apparently found hidden within the beta release of firmware 2.2 sent to developers.

The new features are explained further below:

– Support for Japanese emoji icons (screenshot)
– a popular feature for Japanese phones. The lack of emoji support has
been blamed as part of the reason for slow iPhone adoption in Japan.

– Support for Google Street View
for the Google Maps application. Street View allows users to view
panoramic street level photographs in select cities within the Google
Maps application. The feature was recently demoed on Google’s Android phone.

– As I’ve mentioned above, Apple has finally decided to address an issue that was an annoyance to many non-English iPhone users; the ability to disable auto-correction.

There is no indication as to when firmware 2.2 will be available as of yet, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear word of its release.




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