Erica Saduns iPhone Developers Cookbook

18 10 2008

Erica Sadun, talented iPhone developer (author of MakeItMine, SendFile, SendPics, Light, SendSong, VoiceNotes, AppFlow, XLaunch, and a world of others…) has a new book published called The iPhone Developers Cookbook. Its a $39.99 .pdf download which has 385 pages of development knowledge (well, about 340 pages.. and some blank pages and tables of contents etc… ) that will teach you something no matter what level of development ability you’re at.

If you’ve been thinking about learning how to dev, or you already can but are picking up the SDK – or even if you are skilled in the iPhone but could use some extra chops, this book has got something for you. It takes you through the basic steps of creating your first iPhone app, and also goes into detail on many of the higher levels of developing.

Erica has written for TUAW for a good while, and just recently started working with Ars Technica – a nice move. Check out the book!

Source: ModMyi




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