Logme Updated

21 10 2008

Source iPodtouched.net
LogoMe has been updated to version 1.0.3 This version fixes the home / sleep button isues.


1. Install LogoMe from Cydia

2. Lauch LogoMe. When it loads let it download the necessary files.

3. Tap on ‘Select Logo’

4. Now type in the url of the pic you want to use as a boot logo, then tap ‘Download’

Note: you can get boot logos from here, I would suggest you use a url shortener like snurl.com

Warning: If you ignore the warning about the logo being too big, you run the risk of having to restore your device

5. Now wait, and let it download the boot logo

6. Now tap on ‘Install Logo’

7. From here you can preview your boot logo. Tap on ‘Preview’. Tap on the screen when done previewing.

8. Now tap on ‘Install’ to begin the installation process

9. Now you just wait and let it do its thing. Do not touch anything

10. Once its done you can reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch to see your boot logo




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