6.9 Million iPhones sold in Q4

23 10 2008

Despite the economic downturn, Apple is still doing pretty well for itself. Their Q4 earnings call today revealed that the company sold about 6.9 million iPhones. Want a bit of a comparison? Apple only sold 1.1 million iPhones in Q4 of 2007. That’s a substantial increase.

Jobs, not to be one to speak lightly, pointed out that the iPhone has sold more than RIM phones. Another interesting point? Apple has $25 billion in the bank so the poor economy won’t affect them at least right now.

39% of Apple’s business is from the iPhone. Yeah, that’s crazy! To put this in more specific terms, Apple is now the third largest mobile phone supplier in the entire world. The only two largest are Nokia and Samsung! If anyone doubted the iPhone, it seems this ought to keep them quiet for awhile.




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