Webmaster’s and A Logo(Banners) Needed

25 10 2008

The current team of this site is : Shayan(me),jima6636, king3evil, zanekills, julianqm2, iHacker
Shayan- Admin and Moderator
jima6636-Admin and Videos Moderator
zanekills- Admin and Author
king3evil- Admin, Webmaster and Moderator
iHacker- Admin and Webmaster

julianqm2- Author

I have spent a lot of time on this site in the last month and now that it’s established I need a few people to help me. I need a logo or banner for the site. I need a webmaster too. The following things must be included in your application and must be sent to my email, hyn_shayan@hotmail,:

Experience as a Webmaster



HTML or VB experience

What site you have been a Webmaster on.

For the logo the following things must be included and again must be attached and sent to my email, hyn_shayan@hotmail,:

780 x 95 pixels
It has to be a flash banner
It has to include: The name of the site: ihacklife and an iPod touch and Mac or PC beside it. IF you want the iPod could have headphones around it
Movies and a Picture of a TV beside it
Music and and a Picture of a mp3 player beside it
Apps and a picture of any appstore GAME beside it
Tutorials with a picture of a piece of paper beside it
Videos and a Youtube logo beside it
Sources and a logo of Cydia beside it
Downloads and a picture of WinSCP beside it
Most important of all the color background should be light green with a touch of black
Be creative!> I will choose the best banner and you will then officially be part of the team
All the things should come in this order one by one. I know its a tough job. When you are done upload the banner somewhere and send me a link and then I will put it up on the site. When the banner is up and running on the site Ill then tell you how to become part of the site team




One response

18 11 2008

I could do a few things with html

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