Mac OS Snow Leopard, A Quantum Leap

30 10 2008

For those of you who don’t know, Snow Leopard is the next version of OS X for Apple.  This morning this new version (10A190 (Mac OX 10.6) was seeded to the developers.  Shipping is expected to start in about one year.

Snow Leopard will focus on quality and performance instead of new feature ; Apple has made it clear that there will be efforts to improve support for multi-core processors and GPU processing.  Apple says it will support:

  • Support for connecting to Microsoft Exchange 2007, servers will be included in Adress Book, Mail, and iCal
  • Faster installation times and smaller hard drive footprint.
  • Support for up to a theoretical 16TB RAM by further developing 64-bit kernel technologies.
  • Grand Central: a parallel-programming technology by Apple that aims to have the OS take full advantage of multi-core CPUs and Graphics Processing Units.
  • QuickTime X which will feature optimized support for modern codecs.
  • Open Computing Language (OCL): allowing developers to code applications to use the GPU for non-graphics purposes.
  • And a 64-bit kernel which provides a complete 64-bit environment for applications, along with 32-bit support for older Macs.



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