Safe Mode?

30 10 2008

Wow. I was not aware that there was a safe mode. Apparently, there is one.

This morning, I opened Cydia and installed LockDockBar (not sure if this was the problem, but be aware) and when my iPod was resetting Springboard, it glitched. The refresh circle would stop, then go back to spinning, then stop, then do it again a few more times. My iPod then reset and said it was running “Mobile Substrate Safe Mode”. Saurik (Cydia’s creator) had added this “safe mode” to Cydia, stopping further problems from happening.

To get out of safe mode, I used PowerTool. I rebooted twice, and that didn’t work. I tried a hard reset, but this also didn’t work. I then did a soft reset of Springboard, and this worked. Maybe this was just a problem with me, or maybe others have experienced this. Either way, I hope this post helps.




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