iPhone Dev Jailbreaking Update

6 11 2008

The iPhone/iPod Touch firmware 2.2 had been released to developers earlier this week, and already the iPhone Dev Team knows pretty much everything about it. They have already hacked it and can run a jailbreak with it on a  firmware 2.2 iPhone first gen.

The second beta of firmware version 2.2 has been out for a few days.  It looks like Apple still doesn’t have a fix for devices already prone to the pwnage jailbreak and unlock.

Here’s our obligatory screenshot [here] of a jailbroken and unlocked 1G/2G iPhone running 2.2beta2 (which also shows an interesting daemon they left lying around).

Hopefully, this means that there will be a new version of QuickPwn available right when firmware 2.2 is released. Until then, just deal with any bugs you have on 2.1(.1).





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