The G1 is Here

6 11 2008

T-Mobile just released G1

Featured Google Products integrated on the G1:

  • Google Search (Obviously), but its “OneTouch” which puts the Google Search just one Touch away from your home page.
  • Maps which supports StreetView
  • Youtube
  • Gmail
  • Calender
  • Talk
  • Contacts
– One Great thing about all of these apps is the seamless movement between them. They are all very well integrated.  Kudos to Google for that.

How does it compare to the iPhone:
Although the iPhone is currently a much better phone in regards to Apps, Appearance, Speed… and pretty much everything else, it is not as open to adjustment as the G1.  Apple allows people to submit Apps but allows for no real open-sourcing.  The G1, on the other has the potential to flourish over time.  The Visuals are currently OK.  The Zooming is awkward and slow.  Color not as vibrant.  Speed just does not match up… yet… give it time and it will become the iPhones greatest competitor!
With its Flip-out Keyboard it may have a easier learning curve but all that constant flipping may get annoying. It also houses some extra buttons and has a smaller screen than the iPhone. Yet its the cheap and the  to-be popular alternative.
  • $179
  • Two-year contract with T-Mobile.
  • The Android Market (T-mobile download Store) is offering free downloads to G1 owners 90 days after the purchase.
  • Existing T-Mobile users can place their orders online Today.
  • T-Mobile to offer two data plans
  1. $25 with unlimited data with some messaging allowance or
  2. $35 with unlimited data and messaging.
  3. -These are really really cheap compared to iPhone. Another Pro.
  • Sim Card
  • Reads Word, pdf, excel file types (but not Exchange)
  • Available on 3G networks, but T-Mobile has very few of these where as iPhone has a ton.  But give it awhile and T-Mobile will most likely catch up.
  • Also available outside 3G
  • Will not feature desktop sync!  Will sync online with Gmail, Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL mail!
Sweet Stuff:
  • ShopSavvy is awesome! Just line up a camera with just about any bar code, wait one second, and you will be able to check that items price just about anywhere:
– online stores
– stores in the area
– even make wish list and send them to your friends
Google’s phone will also introduce some cool other apps like:

  • EcoRio  – your own personal Global Warming Records Monitor
  • BreadCrumbz – Make your own map off the beaten path
  • the Amazon Mp3  Store! – down them directly
  • Locale – Customize your GPS like never before
The G1 will launch across the UK in early November with Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands expecting a launch date in Q1 of 2009.
* Learn more about Android and get the code at:



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