The New Macbook Air

6 11 2008

The new MacBooks came out the other day and they are styling that new “unibody” that the other macbooks have.    Physically, it has not changed much other than a Apple adding mini DisplayPort connection under the flap that hides the lone USB port and headphone jack.  They also changed the mousepad to a single button, multi-touch system, just like the othes have.

As for the internals there have been some great upgrades.  Like, for example, the new GeForce 9400 that has replaced the old intel chipset.  They have also increased the front-side bus from 800MHz to 1066MHz, while keeping the Core 2 Duo processor offerings roughly the same, though the chips L2 cache increases from 4MB to 6MB. The default memory is 2GB and sadly no upgrade available here.  A 120GB (4200rpm) hard drive replaces the old 80GB unit, and a 128GB solid-state drive replaces the previous 64GB SSD offering. The new 4.5 Hour battery is impressive and Apple has made this new release a “green” one.

Compare them side by side Here (right from the Apple Site):




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