iGPS360: GPS Module for your iPod Touch

7 11 2008

ipodtouch gps module

Now with the iGPS360 module you can bring GPS functionality to your iPod Touch and iPhone. The module is specially designed for direct pluging into your iPod and iPhone and it is not meant for any other iPods and Apple products. The module has on-board battery backup which stores the last known GPS information on-board, enabling a fast GPS-lock re-acquisition time after the module has temporarily been switched off. For optimum on-board battery life and performance, it is advised that  before first use of the module, you charge your iPhone/iPod Touch through the GPS module with the included USB cable for at least 16 hours.

This A-GPS data enables the module to achieve an even faster cold-start GPS-lock (<15sec) under clear and open sky conditions. A-GPS data is usually valid for 7 or 14 days and as such only needs to be downloaded occasionally. A GPS utility program to download A-GPS data to the module will be available in the future from this website.
The module features a low current (<1mA) bi-color LED to indicate its operation status. A continuously-lit blue LED indicates that the module is powered on, has found a satellite lock and is fully operational. The LED will flash purple when the module is in the process of searching for a GPS lock.

Requirements for operating the module?
Jailbroken iPhone or jailbroken iPod Touch.




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