AT&T Chief Envisions iPhone Future

8 11 2008

AT&T chief executive, Ralph De la Vega, unveiled a long list of intended future capabilities at the Web 2.0 Summit Thursday during his interview with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington (this was the same conversation that told of an application that AT&T is working on that will soon give way to an official iPhone 3G tethering solution.)

De la Vega said, “Before a future version of Apple’s iPhone wakes you up in the morning, it will have downloaded the morning’s news feeds and sent a message to your coffee maker to begin brewing a fresh pot…If you’d rather read the morning news on your TV while you sip your fresh brewed cup of Joe, you’ll be able to simply wave the handset towards the TV to throw the day’s feeds up on the big screen.”

But it does not even stop there, de la Vega told Arlington that with future versions of the iPhone you could lock the doors to your house, start your car and not worry about messing with your car radio because your music on your iPhone would automatically sync with your car’s stereo system.

De la Vega also described how the iPhone would function in the work place, listing features such as easily orchestrating conference calls and how the iPhone will handle automatic translations in real time.

If this all sounds a bit far fetched to you, you are not alone. PC World’s Mark Sullivan writes, “Some of this sounds pretty far-flung to me, and if this were some start-up company talking about these ‘exciting new plans,’ I’d probably take it with a grain of salt.” However he then acknowledges, “But in my experience, AT&T plays it pretty close to the vest on its future plans, and usually does what it says it will do, eventually.”

De la Vega also revealed that there are plans to begin using a new swath of 850 MHz spectrum to improve its 3G signal quality in densely populated areas like New York City.

Source: AppleInsider | AT&T chief lays out futuristic vision for the iPhone




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