Cube Review

29 11 2008

Cube, a popular first person shooting game, truly had a lot to hype to live up to. To start out with, the graphics are great, similar to Halo. The best part is that it’s free. In my opinion, it is the best, and most difficult, first person shooter in the App Store.

When you first launch the game, it quickly explains to you the controls, (important because it is really difficult to control/ play). It is surprising how great the graphics are and relatively smooth the game play is. The buttons that make you runbring up the menujump, and fire are placed in each of the screens corners, sometimes being a hassle to tap while you are trying to use the accelerometer to change your direction/ camera angle. The new update (1.2) fixed the sensitive accelerometer control and loaded the images faster, providing faster game play. Also, the move and jump buttons are both on the right side, making it very hard to run and jump.

When I first tried to play the game competitively, I found my self freaking out and the screen whipping around while trying to aim on the enemy running at my. By the time I got a couple good shots off, the enemy either ran away, or I died. I also found myself running around in a “multiplayer” stage trying to find other players, when really, I failed to connect and I was the only one.

The Pros:
a) Great graphics and price (free)
b) Online play (when it works)
c) Many Levels
d) Open-source

The Cons:
a) Very hard to control, button placement can make the game very hard (move and jump button are on the same side)
b) Accelerometer is very sensitive (especially in the older versions) 
c) Online play usually doesn’t work, it seems like it can’t connect to the server.
d) No calibration option for the accelerometer
e) A lot of lag when you load a new level, especially a water level.
f) It’s only a demo, but still, it’s fun

Overall, I am happy I have this game on my iPod and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of FPS. I am looking forward to some updates from the devs, but I have no room to complain because it’s free. I would give this app 4/5 stars. 
Looking forward to the squeal and updates 

Here’s a good video review by AppVee:

Here’s the video from the homepage:

Here’s the iTunes Link link:…292763299&mt=8




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