Google Admits that it’s iPhone Voice Search breaks Apple Rule’s

29 11 2008
Originally Posted By BetaNews

A Google spokesperson confirmed to BetaNews today that the company’s new voice search for iPhone violates the terms of Apple’s SDK. But questions still linger around why the updated Google Mobile app still appears on Apple’s App Store.

Apple’s App Store might have rejected some smaller developers’ applications for less, but Google confirmed to BetaNews late Wednesday that its newly updated Google Mobile app uses undocumented APIs in conducting voice searches.

Specifically, the undocumented APIs are used to access the iPhone’s proximity sensor, a capability which ordinarily dims the screen when you hold the phone near your face.

Why did Google flout Apple’s rules? The spokesperson indicated that the reason revolved around getting an “innovative and useful application” out to users as quickly as possible.

That theory seems to make sense, especially in light of how Google announced the Mobile app. As previously reported in BetaNews, Google used yet another blog post to announce the voice search capability on Thursday, November 14, implying in an accompanying video that the feature was already downloadable from the App Store, when in fact, it wasn’t.

[Read the complete article on BetaNews]



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