Touch Grind Review

29 11 2008

-From the creators of Labyrinth (Illusion Labs) comes Touchgrind. 
-Touchgrind is basically a skateboarding game for your iphone or iPod Touch. 
-There is no story mode. Just three game modes. You just play, no story.
-To control your skateboard you use your two fingers and you can do kick-flips, ollies, impossibles, and other moves. 
-Next, the graphics are incredibly beautiful on this. It is VERY, i mean VERY realistic.
-The sound effects are great tooo- the skateboard sounds nice and real. 
-It really takes advantages of the iPhone’s multi-touch controls and the ability to have nice graphics. 
-There are twelve skate boards which are all unlockable. They all have different skills and abilities. 
-The graphics are obviously in 3D. 
-Although the things I hope they add is the ability to create/customize your own board, add more maps, add multi-player wi-fi mode. Even though those features aren’t included, this game is still an INCREDIBLE start. =]
-This game features three game modes- Jam Session, Competition, and Warm up. 
-It also offers some tutorial videos to help you learn to play. 
-It does take a while to learn this game, but once you manage to you’ll love it. I really enjoy this game. It feels very gpood when I’m playing. All I do is put my two fingers on the screen and perform the moves as if I’d do on my feet. 
-You get high-scores, you can get timed, do grinds, chose your board, and can get 2x, 3x, etc. 
-This game is incredibly addicting as well. 
-Basically what you do is put your two fingers on the screens, and after you’ve learned how to do different moves, you try doing the motion of how you really perform the move. Then the skateboard goes high. 
-It is very cool and fun. I recommend you buy this. 
-It is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone on the App Store for $4.99. 
-It is a total of 5 mb. It is rated 4+ (ages four and above). 
-Now for the ratings:

Gameplay- 4.3/5, it is really fun to play with the realistic graphics and sounds. The controls are great. I think it should have more maps and multi-player mode, so you can verse your friends. Also i just realized the controls are a little difficult. 

Graphics- 5/5, it can’t get better than this. So realistic and beautiful. Graphics are terrific.

Price, 4.5/5, when the update which will feature multi player mode, then it will REALLY be worth the money. It is $4.99 which is a pretty decent price. I think its worth $3.99, but who cares! One more dollar won’t KILL. Worth it, buy it. 

Overall, 4.0/5, great game, great graphics, fun to play. Add multi-player and more places to play. i just realized the controls are a little difficult. Although still a great game. I bet the devs are working on an update. 

App Store Rating, 4.5/5

Now for some screenies: 

A gameplay picture. See the score on the top right.

I found this picture online. It shows how the person is using his fingers to move the skateboard. You can see the time remaining on the top right. 

See the great graphics. You can see the score you get from the move you did. 

Now you get to pick your board. It gives some information on the board as well. 

A video tutorial to show you how to play the game.

-I highly recommend you buy this if you have enough money. 
-If you are not SOOOO impatient about this game wait for a “sale” maybe for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 
-I hope you liked my Review for touchgrind. 
-Please reply and comment.




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