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If you really want to thank us, then please consider donating just a little to this community. You still save a ton of money if you think about it and you would help support a community that believes in all the same things you all believe in and that is saving money and getting the coolest tech stuff first. Take care of this community and the community will take care of you. You don’t have to donate alot to help this community. If everyone donated just a little, this community would be set for a very long time. Just think of it as an investment because the more we do for you, the more you save your hard earn cash! Thanks to those that have already contributed to this community. Many thanks!!!!

Please consider donating $5 to get access to the Apps and Movies section which will not be available to everyone in a few week

I will be putting up a Paypal link soon so you can donate. Until then these sections will be available


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19 11 2008


19 11 2008


29 11 2008


10 05 2009
Derrick Smith

I would like to join your site i have blackberry bold i will love to donate

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