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1. What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is breaking the protection apple has installed on the iPod/iPhone to allow you to read/write to your iPod Touch/iPhone. This will allow for 3rd party programs to be installed on it. Usually it will put a program called installer onto your iPod Touch/iPhone.

Jailbreaking does void your warranty, but is not illegal. A force restore (see DFU below) can “restore” your warranty, unless you tell Apple you jailbroke it

2. What does Brick mean?

When you iPod Touch/iPhone does not work at all. It will not turn on and refuses to work. Basically its as useful as a brick.

3. Can I brick my iPod Touch.

Short answer NO. You can not brick an iPod Touch. You can alwasy restore it.

4. What does DFU mean?

It is a acronym that stands for Device Firmware Upgrade.

This a way to set your iPod back to factory settings. This will wipe your iPod clean, and make it so any jailbreaking is undetected. It will fix any problems you have.

How to put your iPod Touch/iPhone into DFU Mode

  • 1. Connect your iPod touch/iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.
  • 2. Hold both power and home buttons at the same time and count to 10 (1 onethousand 2 onethousand etc. )
  • 3. Let go of the Power button, continue to hold the home button until the iPod/iPhone connects back to iTunes.
    • Be patient it can take some time. Sometimes while holding the home button it can take up to 15-20 seconds. Also if your iPod/iPhone shows the connect to itunes symbol, your are not in DFU mode. It should look like the device is off.Photobucket

5. What’s Installer?

Installer is a UIKit based package manager for the iPod Touch/iPhone. It works by downloading packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE. It supports installing, updating and uninstalling applications from multiple sources.

6. Springboard

The home screen on you iPod Touch/iPhone (desktop)

7. Summerboard (SMB)

SummerBoard is an extension to the iPod Touched/iPhone’s SpringBoard user experience. SummerBoard adds a variety of useful and fun features to your iPod Touch/iPhone, including scrolling icons, wallpaper and themes!

8. SSH

SSH stands for Secure SHell. It allows you to send commands to the operating system of the iPod Touch/iPhone and also allows you to transfer files to/from the iPod Touch/Iphone. You will use a program like WinSCP to SSH into your iPod Touch/iPhone

9. How to add a source

To add a source Tap on installer. Then on the bottom right hand corner tap “Sources”. Now on the upper right hand corner tap on “Edit”, then tap “Add” in the upper left hand corner. Now type in a source address (repo.ipodtouched.net)and then click ok.


2 responses

6 04 2009

Tsting that pogram

31 03 2011
jacob gluch

i have previously jailbroken and unlocked my iphone 3gs and downloaded the update for the iphone and now im stuck in recovery mode.(usb—>itunes) picture. i need help on how to get out so i can use the phone

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